Scientists from Italy conducted a study, during which they decided to calculate how many people are overweight worldwide.

But since it would be difficult to determine the exact figure, the experts decided to estimate the excess body weight of the population of each country based on the body mass index.

The resulting values were divided into the energy content of different products. Thus, scientists have a statistic that showed what foods in the country most often causes obesity.

Based on this study, we want to measure the environmental impact of global food loss due to overconsumption, the scientists said.

If you take the excess weight of all people on the planet, it will be comparable to about 140 billion tons of food waste.

Scientists believe that the problem of excess weight appeared not because of excessive consumption of food, but as a result of a variety of diets.

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Fruits and vegetables have the highest rates of direct losses, but with excess energy consumption more caloric products prevail. They tend to require more land, water and greenhouse gases to produce, the scientists explained.

That is, overeating is dangerous not only for health, but also for our planet, as because of the increase in food consumption, and waste.